A Birthday of Mine

We spent the last two weeks on vacation in Utah, really exotic, and I’m sure you are all jealous, but it was wonderful to see family and friends! We were especially there to celebrate The Grizzly Kid’s brother’s wedding, which was amazing, almost as lovely as his new bride. And I will post more on that wedding later, but we’re here today to talk about my birthday celebrations.

The day before my birthday my family went out to the lake with wave runners and kayaks and we spent the morning enjoying a cloudy, cool day in the perfect temperature water. People seem to think that Phoenix is a desolate wasteland, but just outside the city limits, this desert is stunning.




We saw our fair share of wildlife too. Like the graceful jackrabbit.


And the incredibly loud wild burros calling to each other.


Plus there were plenty of cousins to play with,


and no shortage of rocks to toss and put in trucks, which was Wallaby’s second favorite activity.


His absolute favorite was being in the kayak. We stuck to the shallows, although it looks farther out, and The Grizzly Kid was always just out of frame.


Wallaby was so at home on his perch.


We played for hours with the only annoyance being the bees, who were out in hordes, but a lemonade cup set away from our camp kept them mostly out of our fun.


The views are truly unique out here.



And then the day ended with one of the best rain storms that I have ever seen! It was coming down so hard for hours, this picture doesn’t do it justice.


As for my birthday, the day started out right with Wallaby coming to our bed at 4am for some cuddles/feet in the face, so we returned him to his bed, and the day really started at 6am. We went for a morning hike—to take advantage of the slightly cooler weather, which was lovely, although the waterfall didn’t have a drop coming down despite the buckets it rained the whole night before. Then, a morning present from The Grizzly Kid that was just so thoughtful!

Later some of us girls went shopping, where my mother truly spoiled me, and took us out to lunch—the way to my heart is Chinese food. Family came over for dinner, and my sweet sister-in-law made the most delicious coconut lime pie that I requested! Notice Wallaby’s and my intense focus on that pie—like mother like son.


AND let us not forget that the evening ended with seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, which was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and The Grizzly Kid loved it even more on his second viewing. Overall, it was one of my best birthdays ever, complete with all of my favorite things, and turning 24 was not bad at all.


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