Packing List

Last week was lovely. The Grizzly Kid turned 27, and boy was he surprised when his sister and sister-in-law  just walked in the front door around dinner time, having driven all day to be there! And boy was I relieved because keeping such a big secret from him for 2 months of planning was crazy stressful! So many times I turned to him to say, “What should we do when Lindsay and Starling get here?” only to bite my tongue. Plus you should have seen me the morning of his birthday running around washing sheets, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, and excusing my behavior by saying the cleaning bug hit me, or I’m washing the sheets on the guest bed for my sister to come next week (true story) so I may as well wash my parent’s and the bed in Walt’s room too (yeah, I’m not usually that nice, but I needed more beds ready!) The Grizzly Kid spent the next couple days occasionally saying things like, this is why you bought more groceries than normal! and I don’t know what was more surprising—my ability to be sneaky, or his inability to be suspicious of my actions.

So last week we played! We went to the Phoenix Art Museum, which has a surprising collection, including a Monet, a couple pieces from Picaso, and Georgia O’Keeffe, plus this awesome dinosaur. Wallaby was scared to go near it on our way into the museum but on our way out he walked right up, touched it, and then walked off with a look of satisfaction on his face.



We were also sure to take our esteemed guests to Wallaby and The Grizzly Kid’s favorite place in the valley, the McCormick-Stillman Train Park. Batman cleaned up the wild west.


And we rode the train, of course.


Then there was a picnic for Batman who was enthralled at the super hero birthday party going on next with all those kids in costume too .

IMG_8652We cooled off in the model train building, and then these two had to ride the train again. True excitement on the face of one and pure concentration on the face of the other. You’d think based on this photo that Wallaby didn’t enjoy the ride, but the second it ended he would start saying, “again, again.”



And while the train park was the highlight of the week for the boys, I loved the night I got away with my favorite sister-in-laws for a Ballet Under the Stars program put on by the community that was truly incredible, such talent!

Ballet under the stars

It was sad to say good-bye to them, and we are ever so grateful for their effort to come visit!

As for this week, it has been busy, but not overwhelming, which is my favorite kind of time passing—I accomplish far more when I know my time is restricted. Plus my sister Kelly had a break from school and came to visit (thanks for sparing her Josh! I don’t think The Grizzly Kid and I spent even a night apart in the first 2 years of our marriage, but that’s because we are home bodies.)

Today we watched my brother’s 4 older kids while the new baby arrived at the hospital! Mom and baby boy to be named did great and labor went quickly, but the best was showing the photo to the kids at home and their responses. The oldest boy was simply dying to have the baby named already. The youngest (almost two, and just 4 days older than Wallaby) saw the photo and said “awwww!”, I told her that this was her baby and he was going to go home with them, and she said “I want him home” and both Wallaby and E asked to hold the baby and then were just looking at the photo and giggling. I asked the 3 year old what he thought of his new baby brother and he said nothing so I pressed, “Isn’t he cute?” and he responded, “Yes, but he is going to cry a lot.” Haha, probably so, but he really is darling! so pink and healthy.

To continue the week of fun we are going on an overnight camp out with my parents, Wallaby’s first! all while The Grizzly Kid has to work, so I’ll be sure to take loads of pictures. Really I am just falling to pieces thinking about the fact that I will get to wear jeans and a sweater! if only for a day before returning back to the heat of the valley.

Then there is the little gathering the ladies of our family will be doing Saturday evening to enjoy this uplifting conference.  I am hoping to have returned from camping in time to make pumpkin cinnamon rolls, we shall see…

What does your weekend look like?


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