Hello Weekend


Tonight we’re off to our church trunk or treat and chili and cornbread cook-off–I’ll let you know how my recipes do. The rest of the weekend will be rather relaxed and warm–still in the 90’s!

Here are some links to things I found interesting this week if you have some time to kill. Have a lovely weekend!


After reading this list from Time Magazine of the 25 most influential teenagers I feel both inspired and unaccomplished, haha.

“Parent to Parent: When Play Dates Go Wrong” — I was just talking with my mom about this and it goes right along with the discussion of how much to “parent” someone else’s child when they are in your care, which is something I often think about.

I believe in letting babies come when they are ready instead of inducing early (though each case is individual and a private choice) and this study adds one more reason to my list. “Heavier Babies Do Better in School”

Hello Future! Hoverboards are real!

Oscar de la Renta was famous for a lot of things, but designing the Boy Scouts of America uniform? Now that is really cool. It has to be his most prolific work.



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