One day I invited a peculiar young man to join me in building a pillow fort and watching The Lion King. Under a sky of blankets we lay feet apart and discussed allusions to Hamlet found in the film. I still have the occasional fort-building scheme with my husband, The Grizzly Kid, a handsome man with a brow often furrowed in thought and a beard that hides the child within.

IMG_6030 edited fun


We were married in November 2010 at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and my dress was made by my mother—she is amazing, I know. In November 2012 we were blessed to have our little Wallaby join our family. He  convinces us more each day that he is a superhero in training, hence his need for anonymity behind a code name.

Photo Jun 22, 9 16 34 AM

I graduated in 2012 with my BA in English Literature and this space will enable me to keep my pen poised and my wit sharp, along with sharing the everyday things that I love. This blog is a place to share my belief that good things, like kisses and kindness, can spread like wildfire.

 I would love to hear from you at  wildfirekisses3@gmail.com


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