DIY Blue Ribbon

I have this problem where I finally get my pictures onto the computer and edited and then just assume that the blog post got written. Here is my belated post on making prize ribbons like you’d win at a fair, or in my case for a family pie contest on the Fourth of July.

DIY Prize Ribbons  I  Wildfire KissesI was originally planning on just buying some, but couldn’t find them anywhere! The morning of the festivities I decided to attempt making my own, and they turned out to be surprisingly simple.


1 inch ribbon (I used grosgrain)



Fabric to match your ribbon

Hot glue gun



1. Cut 3, 2.5-3 inch circles from your cardstock. I traced the bottom of a cup and my circles were 2 3/4 inches.

2. Grab a cardstock circle and your ribbon. (I didn’t measure how much ribbon I used, I simply pulled from the spool until I was finished.)  Create a small fold in the ribbon and staple that fold down to the edge of the cardstock circle. Repeat until the circle of ribbon is complete.


End with the ribbon folded to the back and overlapping the first fold to make it look continuous and so the raw edges of ribbon are visible only on the back. Cut the end of the ribbon and set this circle aside.

3. Grab a second circle and trim to fit inside the ribbon circle while still covering the staple tops. Like so.


2. Take that slightly smaller circle and cut a circle of fabric about 1/2 an inch wider around than your carstock circle. Like so:



Clearly perfection is over rated.

3.  Use the hot glue to attach the fabric to the back off the circle, making sure to keep the front fabric taunt.


Just keep folding the fabric over and gluing it down.


4. Apply hot glue to the back of the fabric covered circle and place on top of the ribbon circle, covering the top of the staples.


You’ve now completed the hardest parts and are almost done!

5.  Turn your completed ribbon top over and cut a second length of ribbon to attach to the back  leaving the ends as long as you want Overlap the middle of the ribbon to create the angle between the two ribbon ends that you want and hot glue it down.



6. The final step is to simply hot glue the final cardstock circle over the back of the ribbon top giving it a clean and finished look!



There you have it, a prize ribbon that took probably about 25 minutes to make (that’s with a toddler trying to “help”). And just for reference—because I had to look it up—Blue is first place, Red is second, and yellow or white are used for third.


The white clearly ended up being my favorite, because I ran out of plain white ribbon and used polka dots to finish it off.  Maybe you can have your own pie/costume/pumpkin contest this fall and make your own ribbons!


Easter Celebrations


Easter is my absolute favorite holiday. And dying Easter eggs is simply the best! Always such fun and messy. Messes are good, at least for a few hours. As an added bonus, this year Wallaby could actually participate! Naturally he loved coloring the eggs and dipping them in the dye—he will probably have blue hands for a week now.



We experimented with new techniques this year, including using string, lace, ric-rac, and reinforcement stickers. We also tried out the new McCormick neon food coloring—they have instructions specifically for dying eggs on the box. They were such pretty colors!


I only tried the string once, and probably didn’t tie it at tight as possible, so it slipped a bit in the dye.



The lace was really hard to get tight enough on the egg. We used safety pins to keep it on, but some of the dye inevitably seeped under, same with the ric-rac. Maybe next year we could try hot gluing them on and then peeling it off after? I used a white crayon to outline the ric-rac, and that seemed to help.


The really good idea was using the reinforcement stickers to make perfect polka-dots (colored in with a sharpie after the egg was dyed).



Or put on before it was dyed, like this egg.


But my favorite was watching Wallaby explore the egg dying process.





I also loved how the white lace was dyed such lovely colors along with the eggs.


We have an Easter egg hunt planned for tomorrow morning (another first for Wallaby) and then an Easter basket with a new book and toy on Sunday (don’t tell Wallaby). If he’s lucky we might share some of the candy from our baskets, maybe. We’ll go to church, of course, and then a big family meal—my favorite way to celebrate any occasion!

What are your big Easter plans? If you have a minute and want to remember the true reason to celebrate, then you will enjoy this.  Happy Easter to you!

Happy Villaintine’s Day.

The Grizzly Kid and I are rather awful at celebrating most holidays. We do pretty well at Christmas and birthdays, but our anniversary gets looked over, pretty much every year, and especially now that Wallaby’s birthday is just 3 days before. So if we can’t even manage to celebrate our anniversary then Valentine’s Day better forget it.

A few years ago our inability to properly celebrate Valentine’s Day led to the creation of our own holiday on February 13th called Villaintine’s Day. This holiday has rules so simple that even we can manage them. All that is required is junk food, a pillow fort, and watching a movie with proper villain in it. The first year we celebrated we watched Lion King, because who is worse than Scar? And this year, on our 3rd annual Villaintine’s Day I believe we discussed watching Sherlock Holmes, the 2nd movie, because Moriarty is also pretty great.

In other villainous news, I completed the monster rug that I posted about last month! This was a time consuming project, but not a hard one. Mostly it meant hours of cutting out triangles and sewing them in place while I watched tv.

Monster Rug I Wildfire Kisses

I mean look at all those triangle pieces!

Monster Rug I Wildfire Kisses

Perhaps people will find it odd that we put a monster beside our child’s crib, but we’ve told Wallaby that this monster is there to keep the other monsters away, and Wallaby likes him. Besides a felt monster is way less creepy that a real bear skin rug, or any taxidermy for that matter.

Monster Rug I Wildfire Kisses

The teeth are actually Wallaby’s favorite part. He sits there trying to pull them off.

Monster Rug I Wildfire Kisses

This is easily my favorite project that I have ever made.

Monster Rug I Wildfire KissesAnd in case you were wondering, we named him Claudio because he reminds us of this rockstar’s hair.  

Simple Pleasures

Washi tape blocks I Wildfire Kisses

Decorating in general serves no life or death purpose, but it sure can turn a house into a home and the same goes for those little pointless projects that I love to do as an excuse to keep my fingers busy and make things even prettier. One night I found myself chatting with The Grizzly Kid and Wallaby playing with his Mega Blocks and a roll of washi tape that had been left down, and next thing I knew my fingers were busy decorating his blocks—silly, pointless, and simply fun to do. Now every time I am stuck enjoying playing the 15th round of blocks that day these extra pretty blocks make me smile.

Washi tape blocks I Wildfire Kisses

I ran out of tape after about a third of the blocks, so the washi blocks are extra special, outshining all the plain blocks, and I’m sure after we go to bed the blocks have a Star-Belly Sneetches type of situation going on. Good luck to the plain-belly blocks and a Happy Weekend to you!