Halloween Recap

Mmmm, for the homebodies that we are we actually had a busy Halloween season. It seems that as soon as you have a kid people want you to come to their parties—are you saying The Grizzly Kid and I are not cute without Wallaby? It’s true. So three parties and one short trick-or-treat session later we are pooped and feeling a little under the weather—Wallaby has a little cold/cough probably care of coming in contact with so many people as of late. We took a couple rounds of photos, but The Grizzly Kid and I are getting picky about the pictures we like of ourselves, so these are the ones that passed inspection, no so great lighting and all. And Sadly, we missed getting a picture of The Grizzly Kid as a pirate, but here he is his little parrot. Clearly the cutest of our trio.



And then when The grizzly Kid’s arms got tired of carrying the little chunky parrot I took my turn.


Sadly, we didn’t get a picture of my whole outfit, but here are some close ups of my apron, that I was silly enough to think I could make without a pattern, so it took a while to get it wearable. You can just spy my black gingham slip that I added to make the dress long enough.



And I had fun trying out this tutorial on retro curls from Hair and Make-up by Steph (I love all her tutorials—this tip has changed my life in just days), but since my hair is much shorter it turned out curlier, which was fine by me. When I had my curls all pinned up the Grizzly Kid said I looked ridiculous, but he liked the finished product and I got to use the scalloped comb that was my grandmothers that I love so much.

IMG_5712 One bold application of lipstick and a string of pearls later, I was ready to go! We had fun showing off Wallaby in his costume—because the only thing cuter than babies is babies in costume, and we are enjoying the spoils of his trick-or-treating of which he occasionally receives itty-bitty tastes. Happy Halloween and on to the next Holiday!