Winter Blues

This winter is feeling particularly long with a toddler stuck in the house. Wallaby and I really seem to get on each others’ nerves by the end of each day when we don’t get some outside time, so on many days we bundle up and brave the cold for a short walk, but sometimes it is just to darn cold and snowy to make that happen. On those extra blustery days I feel like we run out of things to do very quickly—we both have short attention spans—and there are a limited number of things a 1 year old can do seeing as we can’t play with board games and coloring books and play dough yet, and we really don’t want any more toys in our small apartment or to resort to tv watching. This is what our activities look like lately:

Wallaby’s first wall masterpiece.


The pull faces at mom while she is trying to get cute pictures of me playing activity.

faces Collage

And the classic mom puts socks on my ears and I get to pull them off game.


So what we need are new activities.

One of my goals for this year is to find a couple of new activities for us to do each week. I know myself, so I’m aiming low here. Just 2, simple, new activities to add to our rotation of beating boredom this winter.

I think I’ll start off simple and try this activity today. And here are a few other ideas I have found on the world wide web, we’ll see which ones keep Wallaby busy the longest.

Felt Clothsline (I’ll probably make shapes instead of clothes— way easier to cut out)

Tape Table

Hardware play (Wallaby would go nuts over this one—anytime I fix something he has to help me)

Pipe cleaner threading

I’ll let you know what we love and what we try next. Do you have favorite keep-a-toddler-busy ideas? I’d love to hear them!


Our Homeschooling Future

Wallaby is only 9 months, but I am already so set on homeschooling, and am truly so excited about it, and here are just a few reasons why…

Homeschooled: How American Homeschoolers Measure Up


And these are just the benefits that statistics can prove. Some other joys of homeschooling are more free time, no homework, flexible schedules, more one-on-one teacher and student time, programs specific to your child’s level and needs, and the list goes on.

I did not hate my public school education and I believe my education was just fine, but there are so many benefits to homeschooling that I would hate for my kids to miss out on this opportunity. And from a mom’s perspective I am excited to not have to rush my kids out the door every morning to catch the bus and then nag them to finish all their homework and projects after they have already had a long day at school. Homeschooling also gives me the push to keep up with my own studies so that I can be a better teacher myself. I’ve got a whole list of books I want to start reading now to prepare myself!

If ever my kids want to attend public school they are more than welcome to try it out, and there is always the option of letting them participate in any public school activities that they want.

So there is my propaganda spewing for the day. What projects or causes are you super passionate about?