Music for a Holiday


According to Facebook, everyone and their dogs, and tiny babies, all went hiking for Labor Day. Apparently everyone was reveling in the cooler weather that September brings … for them. With high of 105 today, we are still in full summer hibernation mode. We did make it out to a 5k this morning, in which we partook of the pancake breakfast, but not the running, and there was some wandering of the mall—main attractions being the Lego store and the Disney store, because The Grizzly Kid is 7 at heart. Plus we made a post sun down run to the store for just about every flavor of Blue Bell ice cream that exists. Oh, and Wallaby made a balloon friend, so overall a great day!

With all the time we spend inside in this heat, we try our hardest to limit little Wallaby’s screen time, so we play a lot, and while we play we pretty much always have music on in the background. Here is what has been on repeat in our house. (These are mostly my choices, besides Girls Chase Boys, which is The Grizzly Kid’s … honest.)

And then there is The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack whick is so very good—the movie was great, in large part because of the music.


What are you listening too lately? Perhaps I’ll get The Grizzly Kid to guest post his top music picks.