Picture Books for Parents

We’ve been reading to Wallaby pretty much since day one, because we like to read and because, what the heck else does one do with a newborn? I was seriously unprepared for how much of nothing a new baby does and how exhausting all that nothing can be. Now that Wallaby is bigger, cuter, and way more fun, we still like to read to him, but now our routine has changed from him lying perfectly still staring at the ceiling light to him climbing up us to eat the book out of our hands. Let’s face it, he has no clue what we are reading to him so the picture books I choose at the library each week are mostly for me and my choosing consists of two requirements. 1. Good illustrations and 2. Not too many words. Number one seems clear enough, but my reasoning for no. 2 is that we read most often before naptimes and bedtime and I do not want these books to drag on. No. If I want to read paragraphs per page I will pick up my own book after Wallaby is sleeping.

Of the average 15-20 picture books we bring home from the library each week most are tolerable, some are dreadful, and one or two are wonderful. Someday I want to have a true home library Beauty and the Beast style and I’ll need a reference for all the picture books I want to add, so every so often I am going to do a picture book review here to keep track of my favorites. My biggest requirement for a good picture book? the kind of book you don’t easily get sick of. Someday Wallaby will be able to request his favorite books be read over, and over again and if we only own books I too love then life will be less annoying.  So let’s get started.


Written by Michael Ian Black and illustrated by Debbie Ridpath Oh

I’m Bored is clever. A little girl, like every child has, states her boredom and along comes a potato to show her just how unfun a bored person can be and in the meantime she discovers how much there is for a little kid to do and how to have fun.


The illustrations are simple and fun and the layout of the pages is eye-catching with the text running around the pages in an unconventional fashion. The whole book is funny, cute, and a definite keeper.