Wallaby Says

Hello there after a 3 month hiatus. Let’s ease back into things with a Wallaby update! Well he’s still adorable.


We went through an awful month+ of everyone catching everything!  Wallaby topped it all with a double ear infection. The lymph node behind his left ear got so swollen that the poor little guy looked like this


Notice how flat his right is and that poor lefty. Thankfully a few natural remedies and few days of his ear draining and he’s been better for a while now, and his ear is normal again thank goodness!
Wallaby has been talking up a storm lately, full blown sentences, so I thought I’d do a first ever, Wallaby Says.

Casey taught Wallaby how to “take someone’s nose” and once after stealing my nose
Valerie said: Hey put that back!
Wallaby: I not doctor mom.

He’s been extra thankful lately, for example, lunch yesterday
Wallaby: Nank you mom, applesauce. Nank you mom, ppj sandswich. Nank you mom, my milk.

I asked him whether he liked mom or dad more.
Wallaby without hesitation: Dad.  Dad, dad, dada, dad, dad, daddy.

In church when the sacrament was passed.
Wallaby: Mmm, this good bread.
He then stood up on The Grizzly Kid’s lap to say, “Nank you! That nice boy.”

After the young lady at Sonic brought our food out.
Wallaby called from the back seat: Have nice day lady!

Once after stealing The Grizzly Kid’s nose.
TGK: Where’s my nose?
Wallaby: I put up in cosmos.
We have no clue where he learned that word.

He heard the song “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith in the store and started singing along. Well the next day:
Wallaby: Mom, play with me. Mom, play with me. Mom, (breaks into song) plaaay with meee!

And that is all for this edition of Wallaby Says. I hope your weekend is going splendidly!

Hello Weekend


Tonight we’re off to our church trunk or treat and chili and cornbread cook-off–I’ll let you know how my recipes do. The rest of the weekend will be rather relaxed and warm–still in the 90’s!

Here are some links to things I found interesting this week if you have some time to kill. Have a lovely weekend!


After reading this list from Time Magazine of the 25 most influential teenagers I feel both inspired and unaccomplished, haha.

“Parent to Parent: When Play Dates Go Wrong” — I was just talking with my mom about this and it goes right along with the discussion of how much to “parent” someone else’s child when they are in your care, which is something I often think about.

I believe in letting babies come when they are ready instead of inducing early (though each case is individual and a private choice) and this study adds one more reason to my list. “Heavier Babies Do Better in School”

Hello Future! Hoverboards are real!

Oscar de la Renta was famous for a lot of things, but designing the Boy Scouts of America uniform? Now that is really cool. It has to be his most prolific work.


Favorites from Around the Web


Happy Friday to us all. Here are some beautiful time wasters that I really enjoyed this week and maybe you will too. My weekend is looking pretty relaxing with a party to look forward to tomorrow night. I hope your weekend will be lovely and I am also hoping for some more rainstorms like last week to cool down this 108 degree weather!

How true is this video of things children do that are unacceptable for adults to do. It’s a riot. His slide off the table really makes me laugh.

This photo series is lovely. These old photos made me smile, but also leave me thinking that society has become far too casual.

Another photo series proving that  strong women have been defying stereotypes since the beginning, so why do we even have stereotypes?

How adorable is this mudroom, complete with snack bar? This is on my dream house list.

Boden does it again with this perfect peplum top, but it’s only in junior sizes, so I think I will have to make my own just like it.

This article about the North Pond Hermit who lived in the woods in Maine for 27 years! is fascinating (but kind of long, make sure you have time). Honestly though, I hope this Hermit writes a book, just look at how he talks!



DIY Blue Ribbon

I have this problem where I finally get my pictures onto the computer and edited and then just assume that the blog post got written. Here is my belated post on making prize ribbons like you’d win at a fair, or in my case for a family pie contest on the Fourth of July.

DIY Prize Ribbons  I  Wildfire KissesI was originally planning on just buying some, but couldn’t find them anywhere! The morning of the festivities I decided to attempt making my own, and they turned out to be surprisingly simple.


1 inch ribbon (I used grosgrain)



Fabric to match your ribbon

Hot glue gun



1. Cut 3, 2.5-3 inch circles from your cardstock. I traced the bottom of a cup and my circles were 2 3/4 inches.

2. Grab a cardstock circle and your ribbon. (I didn’t measure how much ribbon I used, I simply pulled from the spool until I was finished.)  Create a small fold in the ribbon and staple that fold down to the edge of the cardstock circle. Repeat until the circle of ribbon is complete.


End with the ribbon folded to the back and overlapping the first fold to make it look continuous and so the raw edges of ribbon are visible only on the back. Cut the end of the ribbon and set this circle aside.

3. Grab a second circle and trim to fit inside the ribbon circle while still covering the staple tops. Like so.


2. Take that slightly smaller circle and cut a circle of fabric about 1/2 an inch wider around than your carstock circle. Like so:



Clearly perfection is over rated.

3.  Use the hot glue to attach the fabric to the back off the circle, making sure to keep the front fabric taunt.


Just keep folding the fabric over and gluing it down.


4. Apply hot glue to the back of the fabric covered circle and place on top of the ribbon circle, covering the top of the staples.


You’ve now completed the hardest parts and are almost done!

5.  Turn your completed ribbon top over and cut a second length of ribbon to attach to the back  leaving the ends as long as you want Overlap the middle of the ribbon to create the angle between the two ribbon ends that you want and hot glue it down.



6. The final step is to simply hot glue the final cardstock circle over the back of the ribbon top giving it a clean and finished look!



There you have it, a prize ribbon that took probably about 25 minutes to make (that’s with a toddler trying to “help”). And just for reference—because I had to look it up—Blue is first place, Red is second, and yellow or white are used for third.


The white clearly ended up being my favorite, because I ran out of plain white ribbon and used polka dots to finish it off.  Maybe you can have your own pie/costume/pumpkin contest this fall and make your own ribbons!

A Birthday of Mine

We spent the last two weeks on vacation in Utah, really exotic, and I’m sure you are all jealous, but it was wonderful to see family and friends! We were especially there to celebrate The Grizzly Kid’s brother’s wedding, which was amazing, almost as lovely as his new bride. And I will post more on that wedding later, but we’re here today to talk about my birthday celebrations.

The day before my birthday my family went out to the lake with wave runners and kayaks and we spent the morning enjoying a cloudy, cool day in the perfect temperature water. People seem to think that Phoenix is a desolate wasteland, but just outside the city limits, this desert is stunning.




We saw our fair share of wildlife too. Like the graceful jackrabbit.


And the incredibly loud wild burros calling to each other.


Plus there were plenty of cousins to play with,


and no shortage of rocks to toss and put in trucks, which was Wallaby’s second favorite activity.


His absolute favorite was being in the kayak. We stuck to the shallows, although it looks farther out, and The Grizzly Kid was always just out of frame.


Wallaby was so at home on his perch.


We played for hours with the only annoyance being the bees, who were out in hordes, but a lemonade cup set away from our camp kept them mostly out of our fun.


The views are truly unique out here.



And then the day ended with one of the best rain storms that I have ever seen! It was coming down so hard for hours, this picture doesn’t do it justice.


As for my birthday, the day started out right with Wallaby coming to our bed at 4am for some cuddles/feet in the face, so we returned him to his bed, and the day really started at 6am. We went for a morning hike—to take advantage of the slightly cooler weather, which was lovely, although the waterfall didn’t have a drop coming down despite the buckets it rained the whole night before. Then, a morning present from The Grizzly Kid that was just so thoughtful!

Later some of us girls went shopping, where my mother truly spoiled me, and took us out to lunch—the way to my heart is Chinese food. Family came over for dinner, and my sweet sister-in-law made the most delicious coconut lime pie that I requested! Notice Wallaby’s and my intense focus on that pie—like mother like son.


AND let us not forget that the evening ended with seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, which was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and The Grizzly Kid loved it even more on his second viewing. Overall, it was one of my best birthdays ever, complete with all of my favorite things, and turning 24 was not bad at all.

18 Months

It happened so fast, and he just keeps on growing! Our Wallaby has hit 1.5 years of age, a time of growing independence, constant movement, goofing around, and emotional break downs daily—usually they’re his … well, mostly.


Case in point, someone was particularly distraught that his lollipop had gone missing. That was a long 5 minute car ride of distress, after all, Wallaby takes nothing more seriously than his food. He is constantly asking for food, or milk, we’re working hard to get him to drink more water in all this heat, but milk is his favorite. Unless it’s ice, he’d eat ice all day.



Wallaby also has a new found love of Top Gear as viewed on Netflix. His fascination with all moving vehicles has exploded in the last month, and that coupled with getting to clap along with the crowd, it has become his new favorite. Here he is watching it with The Grizzly Kid.


We hide from the heat of the Arizona afternoons indoors, mostly, but really Arizona has been good to us. We get out early in the morning and if we do go out in the afternoon we pull out the trusty slip and slide or visit the pool.



Wallaby loves all things water, he got a special kick out of helping us wash the car yesterday—it was the big event of the day. Early mornings are great for hiking or playing at local playgrounds. Arizona takes teaching the youth about the local flora and fauna very seriously, with parks proudly themed as such.


Please pet the rattlesnake and the tarantula. Oh, and don’t forget to climb the saguaro cactus too!



Really though, the weather is always fine in the shade! We hung out on ASU West campus while The Grizzly Kid had a meeting with an adviser. There all fountains all over that campus, some of which have no edge and look just like a splash pad, and not one of them has a no swimming sign. Either their students have great self control or they really don’t care if you wade in seeing as you’ll dry off in a minute—seconds, if in direct sunlight. (We stuck our toes in…)




Wallaby already has a favorite rock on campus to drive cars over and climb on, but nothing beat the fountains I wouldn’t let him dive into.

We’ve been playing hard, despite the 102 degrees we hit today, and simply loving life with with our Wallaby.