Getting Settled

We have arrived in Arizona and finished unpacking the final boxes today! What a glorious feeling to be settled in your personal space and yet still have so much to explore outside your door. And the weather! I won’t rub it in for the rest of you snow covered states—perhaps you could show me the same courtesy come June when we hit triple digits? That would be very neighborly of us.

It’s extra fun to be near my family and Wallaby has no shortage of cousins to play with any time we choose. In fact, yesterday we all got together for lunch and Wallaby and his little four-day-older cousin have begun a love/annoy relationship. At one point she was motherly stroking his hair

Wildfire Kisses


and at other points they were arguing over toys and sippy cups. Wallaby is in some serious need of competition anyway, so these cousins are just what is needed!

Wallaby is adjusting well—waking more at night than is usual, but today I discovered 3! new molars poking through, so it’s to be expected. Wallaby also has a lot to say lately. He will chatter on in his little language for minutes at a time to anyone who will listen. And there are a couple of new parks to explore within walking distance, so we’ve been taking many a trip to them.



Wildfire Kisses


And we’ll end with another model shot of little Wallaby. The adorable striped overalls were a gift from my mom from Old Navy.

Old Navy overalls I Wildfire Kisses