Maternity Dress

Hello there! In case you missed the big news, we’re expecting a baby girl in August and are thrilled of course! It’s funny how immediately your mind starts planning for their arrival. I mean we have all the necessities from Wallaby, but mostly I want to sew a million things for her, dresses being at the top of the list, but I’d also like to try making my own baby carrying wrap, they look so easy but I’m torn on the fabric choices, so if you have any suggestions I’m listening!


In the meanwhile I have been working on my wardrobe to fit my ever expanding belly, mostly alterations, but I did tackle a dress. Here in Arizona there is nothing better than wearing skirts and dresses to beat the heat, plus the lack of a waistband digging into your pregnant belly is the best option ever.

I started with the Simplicity 1755 pattern and altered it from there. I had to raise the waistline, to ya know, chest line since a pregnant waist is an oxymoron and I played around with the pleats a lot to keep them lying flat over my belly. The center pleats are 2.5 inches deep and leaving the space between them allows it to lay so nicely. I also made the front hemline slightly longer than in the back to keep the hem from looking totally a-line when I’m nine months.  And instead of the darts to fit the chest I put in slight gathers to keep the top looser fitting and more comfortable.

Maternity Dress   I    Wildfire Kisses

Overall I’m pleased with how the dress ended up and I even made matching bow ties for my husband and Wallaby from some of the leftover fabric. If you know of any other great Maternity patterns I am all ears!