Wallaby Says

Hello there after a 3 month hiatus. Let’s ease back into things with a Wallaby update! Well he’s still adorable.


We went through an awful month+ of everyone catching everything!  Wallaby topped it all with a double ear infection. The lymph node behind his left ear got so swollen that the poor little guy looked like this


Notice how flat his right is and that poor lefty. Thankfully a few natural remedies and few days of his ear draining and he’s been better for a while now, and his ear is normal again thank goodness!
Wallaby has been talking up a storm lately, full blown sentences, so I thought I’d do a first ever, Wallaby Says.

Casey taught Wallaby how to “take someone’s nose” and once after stealing my nose
Valerie said: Hey put that back!
Wallaby: I not doctor mom.

He’s been extra thankful lately, for example, lunch yesterday
Wallaby: Nank you mom, applesauce. Nank you mom, ppj sandswich. Nank you mom, my milk.

I asked him whether he liked mom or dad more.
Wallaby without hesitation: Dad.  Dad, dad, dada, dad, dad, daddy.

In church when the sacrament was passed.
Wallaby: Mmm, this good bread.
He then stood up on The Grizzly Kid’s lap to say, “Nank you! That nice boy.”

After the young lady at Sonic brought our food out.
Wallaby called from the back seat: Have nice day lady!

Once after stealing The Grizzly Kid’s nose.
TGK: Where’s my nose?
Wallaby: I put up in cosmos.
We have no clue where he learned that word.

He heard the song “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith in the store and started singing along. Well the next day:
Wallaby: Mom, play with me. Mom, play with me. Mom, (breaks into song) plaaay with meee!

And that is all for this edition of Wallaby Says. I hope your weekend is going splendidly!