Christmas Stockings

Talk about your last minute Christmas craft—I just finished our stockings over the weekend, but really I am patting myself on the back for finishing before Christmas Eve.  The Grizzly Kid and I had stockings that were made out of sweaters that were fine, but nothing special and they didn’t even have our names on them, so this year I tackled 3 stockings and I love how they turned out!

Joann’s had everything I needed on super sale on Black Friday, so I made all of our stockings for probably less than $5 and I have enough leftover fabric for future stockings too, that way the whole family will match. I used this stocking pattern and tutorial, which was very easy to follow, and I love that the stockings are lined with different red and green fabrics that I had on hand, making each one even more unique.


I choose Christmas themed pictures to embroider on each of our stockings and finished them off with our names. You definitely want to do the embroidery before you sew up the stockings, it is much easier, and since I don’t have a fancy enough sewing machine to do the embroidery for me I had fun doing it by hand.

For Wallaby’s stocking I embroidered a festive little train carrying a Christmas tree! Fitting since the train we got him for his birthday has been his favorite toy ever since.


For my stocking I did a couple of snowflakes, keeping it simple enough that I did not have to trace a picture on the fabric like I did for Wallaby and The Grizzly Kid’s stocking.


And naturally, for the bearded man in my life I chose the jolliest bearded man of them all. This stocking ended up being my favorite.


And since we are short a fireplace in our apartment our stockings are hung by our bookcase with care, just in time for Christmas in 1.5 days!


Merry Christmas to you!


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